UNITE Board Members at the UN Multi-Stakeholder Hearing on AMR

On May 15, UNITE Global Board Members Dr. Mariam Jashi and Hon. Sonia Sidhu spoke at the UN Multi-Stakeholder Hearing in preparations for the High-Level Meeting on AMR.

Dr. Jashi, CEO of the Global Sepsis Alliance and the UNITE Chapter Chair for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, stressed the role of Parliamentarians in the Global Health decision-making, including for Antimicrobial Resistance. She specifically highlighted the critical importance of synergizing AMR policies and action with Sepsis, since the devastating 4.95 million AMR-related deaths are only part of the 13.66 million Sepsis-related deaths every year. Dr. Jashi called the UN member states to integrate UHC 2030, Pandemic Accord and Sepsis linkages in the Political Declaration of the High-Level Meeting on AMR.

Hon. Sidhu, the Member of the Canadian Parliament and the UNITE Chapter Chair for North America, highlighted that Antimicrobial Resistance threatens health and safety of people, animals, environmental and food security, reiterated the impact of the climate change on AMR and the need to focus on environmental health policies. Hon. Sidhu called for special attention and response to the fact that the 5 million AMR-related deaths are part of the 13-million Sepsis-related deaths. She finally highlighted that the Parliamentary advocacy is vital in advancing the Global Health agenda and holding governments accountable for the international health commitments.

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