International Forum
on Global Health

International Forum
on Global Health

The International Forum on Global Health is a working group launched by UNITE and the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank & IMF, that gathers members of international parliamentary assemblies and networks under a common global health and economic agenda, fostering international cooperation on pressing and challenging issues, such as pandemic preparedness, global health security, resource mobilization, research and development and universal health coverage.

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for 2021-2022

To move forward in rebuilding our societies we must monitor public health threats and place pandemic preparedness and global health security at the heart of the reconstruction of the post-pandemic world.  

Governments must increase solidarity and collaboration, ensuring fair access to global public health goods and universal access to medicines and vaccines around the world. International Financial Institutions should sustain and adapt their approaches and support to help countries cope with health emergencies and build resilient health systems.

Both at the national and international level resource mobilization is key to strengthening health systems and making them resilient to cope with pandemic preparedness and response. Policy innovations are needed to deploy the international community’s fiscal and monetary resources to ensure that no country is left behind.  

Overlooking and cutting investments in health and reallocating those funds to other public sectors leave the world unprepared and unequipped to respond to epidemics and pandemics. Governments must increase their investments in R&D and promote innovative approaches to tackle today’s pressing global health challenges such as digital health and planetary health.  

Investments have to be made to close the gap within and between countries and reach Universal Health Coverage, enabling equitable access to health care and ultimately health status for everyone irrespective of his/ her socio-economic status.  



UNITE is a global network of parliamentarians committed to driving political change and impact to end infectious diseases as a global health threat until 2030. UNITE has 170 members in more than 70 countries worldwide and organizes its activities in ten regions, called chapters, led by its Co-Chairs and Executive Board.

The Parliamentary Network on the World Bank & IMF provides a platform for parliamentarians from over 140 countries to advocate for increased accountability and transparency in International Financial Institutions and multilateral development financing.

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