UNITE as an observer at the 31st Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum in Manila

During the 31st Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) held in Manila, Philippines from November 23rd to 26th, UNITE played a crucial role as the official observer, emphasizing its commitment to regional collaboration. The APPF serves as a platform for parliamentarians across the Asia-Pacific region to address shared concerns, exchange insights, and collaborate on sustainable solutions. Established in 1993, the forum remains dedicated to promoting multilateralism and fostering parliamentary dialogue.

In this context, UNITE was present as an observer at the 31st APPF. This engagement not only heightened UNITE’s regional visibility but also facilitated valuable networking opportunities with diverse parliamentarians, aligning with UNITE’s mission to expand its network and enhance regional cooperation.

Hon. Pia Cayetano, Senator of the Philippines and moderator for the meeting of women parliamentarians at the APPF, seized the opportunity to introduce UNITE and its Founder Dr. Ricardo Baptista Leite, at the forum.

Hon. Pia Cayetano, serving as the chapter chair for the Asia Pacific region at UNITE, emerged as a central figure in promoting the organization’s objectives within the forum. She encouraged the attendees of the forum to actively participate in the UNITE network and champion evidence-based policies to enhance global health systems. Beyond her national advocacy for health, Hon. Pia demonstrated a global commitment, emphasizing UNITE’s role in fostering cooperation and addressing pressing issues on a regional scale.

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