UNITE Annual Report 2021

UNITE Secretariat would like to thank all partners and organizations who contributed to this year’s activities, allowing the network to grow exponentially and reach higher and measurable impact worldwide. Thank you for your continued and strong support to UNITE and its members! 

UNITE would also like to thank all members of Parliament who commit to ending infectious diseases and take time from their heavy schedules to work together for a common global health agenda. UNITE relies on their commitment, and at the Secretariat we are very grateful to work with a dynamic group of global health champions, expressing ideas, initiatives and strong will to help the communities they serve.  

In those critical times we are living, UNITE Secretariat would also like to thank all frontline workers for their tireless efforts since the break of the pandemic, and their strong support in the worldwide vaccination campaign, both essential pillars for global recovery.  

Over the past year, UNITE has grown its membership rapidly reaching 201 members (+ 41% since January 2020) in 76 countries (+17% since January 2020), connecting more than 100 partners and CSO representatives with Members of Parliament from all regions.  

We have seen an exponential growth of the network within the last months, due to the multiplication of events and partnerships built at the national and international level.  

From January to December 2021, UNITE:

  • Hosted or co-hosted 15 high-level meetings with parliamentarians, in 4 different continents; 
  • Participated in nearly 50 events as speakers or contributors all around the world; 
  • Organized the UNITE Global Summit 2nd Edition on December 6, 7 and 8 with a total of 1035 registrations, 150 policymakers and 110 speakers involved during the three days

As 2021 draws to a close, and vaccination is underway in most parts of the world, UNITE has chosen to direct its 2022 activities towards answering this question: what can parliamentarians do to help better preparing for future pandemics? 

Read the full report here.

Media Contacts:

UNITE Global Parliamentarians Network to End Infectious Diseases

Lucas Chambel, Head of Partnerships and Communications: lucas.chambel@unitenetwork.org

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