UNITE and Transform Health launch Policy Brief on Digital Health Transformation

Today, we stand at the forefront of the digital revolution, which will be pivotal to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, including Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Digital health promises improved and more equitable access to care, better clinical outcomes and safety, as well as reduced costs. Delivering health for all in the digital age requires addressing key issues, including curbing the digital divide, prioritizing investment and strengthening policy, regulation, and governance mechanisms to ensure an equitable, inclusive, safe and sustainable transformation. Parliamentarians will be key to achieving the SDGs. It is imperative that we have a​​ “health in all policies” approach across the world. Therefore, it is crucial that Parliamentarians actively engage to influence their national policies to enable innovation in health and ensure the safe use of health data and inclusive access to digital health technologies for all. To do so, they require adequate information on digital health.

In this regard, UNITE and Transform Health have collaboratively launched it’s policy brief  to highlight the importance of digital health as a prerequisite for achieving health, and wider sustainable development and economic goals and for parliamentarians to become champions for health in the digital age.

The policy brief can be accessed here.

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