Support. Don´t Punish: UNITE members worldwide pledge to end the war on drugs and implement human right-centered drug policies

As a global network of current and former members of parliament committed to the promotion of efficient and sustainable policies for improved global health systems, the UNITE Parliamentarians Network for Global Health is proud to announce that on World Drug Day, June 26, 2023, and at the time of this publication, 17 esteemed parliamentarians have joined forces to sign a momentous pledge.

This pledge, titled “Pledge to End the ‘War on Drugs’ and Implement Human Rights-Centered Drug Policies” signifies a united front in prioritizing scientific evidence, human rights, and public health over punitive measures in the realm of drug policy.

Recognizing the failure and catastrophic consequences of the global “War on Drugs” in achieving its intended goals, the undersigned policymakers and legislators from 16 countries around the world have committed to advocate for transforming the current drug policy landscape. Instead of perpetuating social inequalities, mass incarceration, and human rights violations, these elected officials are championing a paradigm shift that places the health and well-being of all individuals at the forefront.

The pledge encompasses a comprehensive set of actions that parliamentarians commit to taking in order to end the “War on Drugs” and implement evidence-based drug policies grounded in human rights and public health principles. This includes supporting the decriminalization of drug use and possession for personal use, acknowledging that criminalization exacerbates stigma, discrimination, and health and social harms.

In launching this pledge, UNITE Parliamentarians Network for Global Health, our members and allies demonstrate our commitment to actively and collaboratively pursue these actions to support the implementation of drug policies that prioritize human rights, public health, and evidence-based interventions to leave no one behind and realize health and wellbeing for all.

UNITE invites parliamentarians and elected officials worldwide to join the movement by signing the pledge and actively championing the cause of comprehensive drug policy reform.

The pledge is available in full here.

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