Support. Don’t Punish Campaign: How can Parliamentarians and UNITE members get involved?

The Support. Don’t Punish campaign is a grassroots-centered initiative in support of Harm Reduction and Drug Policies that prioritize Public Health and Human Rights. By mobilizing communities affected by the “War on Drugs” and their allies, engaging with policymakers, and raising awareness among the media and the public, the campaign seeks to put Harm Reduction on the political agenda. The campaign’s highlight is the Global Day of Action, held on June 26th, which aims to shift the narrative surrounding drug control.

Below are five actions that parliamentarians can take to engage with the Support. Don’t Punish campaign over the next week.


1. Sign the Pledge to End the “War on Drugs”  | ⏲️ 3 MIN

Policymakers and legislators worldwide are invited to sign a pledge to end the “War on Drugs” and champion drug policies that prioritize Human Rights, Public Health, and Evidence-based interventions.

Signing the pledge takes just three minutes and can be done here.


2. Mark the World Drug Day in Your Assembly | ⏲️ 10 MIN 

Check if your Assembly plans to commemorate “World Drug Day”. If it so, parliamentarians can use the opportunity to make a statement highlighting the campaign’s themes. 


If your Assembly does not have plans, you can request to add it as an agenda item.


3. Participate in Local Initiatives  | ⏲️ 3 MIN 

Local Civil Society Organizations and/or Harm Reduction service providers are maybe planning  actions that are possible to support or participate in.

UNITE delegation visiting the supervised consumption facilities of Quai 9 in Geneva holding “Support. Don’t Punish” campaign flyers



Parliamentarians who have an interest but may not be aware of local campaign organizers are encouraged to contact the UNITE Drug Policy Desk for assistance.


4. Take Part in the Photo Project  | ⏲️ 2 MIN

The Support. Don’t Punish campaign features an open, live and ever-growing photo project with more than 10,000 entries, that aims to UNITE individuals from various backgrounds behind the same message: Support. Don’t Punish.

By taking a photo with the campaign flyer or logo and sending it to, parliamentarians can contribute to this powerful visual representation of support.

Photos will be shared on the Photo Project page and on Facebook.

Furthermore, printable flyers in multiple languages are available – English, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese – for distribution among other parliamentarians, local organizations, and constituents.


5. Engage with the Campaign on Social Media  | ⏲️ 3 MIN 

Parliamentarians organizing or participating in campaign-related actions are encouraged to reach out to the UNITE Secretariat for assistance in promoting these events on social media.

Also, by using the Support. Don’t Punish logo as a profile picture or cover picture, parliamentarians can amplify their engagement and reach a wider audience.

The campaign can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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