Summit in Lisbon joins more than 30 Members of Parliament

The UNITE Global Summit is the world’s leading Forum for forging partnerships between parliamentarians and leaders from the global health community. Over three days, experts from civil society, affected communities, international organizations and academia gathered with leading parliamentarians from across the world, to discuss the most pressing issues in Global Health and set the agenda for the year to come.

With more than 30 parliamentarians present and reaching an audience of 500 participants, the event set the stage for the work of Members of Parliament in 2023 with the adaptation of a declaration on the key outcomes of the three days of work.

This year, each day of the main agenda was dedicated to one of our three core strategic themes: pandemic prevention preparedness & response, the future of health systems, and health as a human right.

With the help of several international organizations, more than 50 speakers joined in person and identified the critical steps to improve health systems and ensure health for all.

The event also counted with the presence of the President of the Portuguese Parliament and the Minister of health alongside having received the High Patronage of the President of Portugal.

At the end of the Summit, Ricardo Baptista Leite, UNITE’s President mentioned “we believe that health is a right that everyone is entitled to. It is our mission to go back home and deliver that message and turn it into actual legislation. That is what UNITE is about – translating science to policy.”


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