Digital Health Conclave in New Delhi

Mapping the future of healthcare in India Digital Health Conclave held in New Delhi

The UNITE’s Digital Health Policy Desk participated in the event “Digital Health Conclave – Mapping the Future of Healthcare in India” held in New Delhi. As India is a priority country of work for the digital health desk, the conclave aided a better understanding of the present status of policy regarding digital healthkey challenges and developments and the future of opportunity in the sector.

There were several panel discussions on thematic areas like India’s Digital Health ID Mission, Covid and Beyond: resurgence of infectious diseases, future of data in healthcare among others. The speakers in the conclave consisted of government stakeholders, key players of the healthcare industry and academics. Some of the eminent speakers included Dr. Saumya Swaminathan – Former Chief Scientist, WHO, Dr. R.S Sharma – CEO of the National Health Authority and Dennis Curry, Deputy Resident Representative UNDP.

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