A new Executive Director for a New Year

As we embark on a new year, UNITE is pleased to officially announce a new page in UNITE’s history and leadership, with the nomination of Francisco Almeida Leite as Executive Director of our organization.

Francisco has a diverse background in both public and private sectors. Francisco served as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in the Portuguese Government and held other public roles, such as Vice President and Board Member at Camões – Institute for Cooperation and SOFID, the Portuguese state development bank.

Before his corporate ventures, he excelled as a political journalist and editor in various newspapers.

Our team is very enthusiastic and looking forward to learning and working with him in the upcoming months, leading our organization to greater political and diplomatic impact in Global health.

We couldn’t convene this message without adding a note of gratitude to our colleague Eléonor Silva, for the past three years of dedicated service leading UNITE’s secretariat.

Throughout her mandate, Eléonor has proven exceptional leadership skills in forging new partnerships and strategies, as well as demonstrating determination in ensuring that the overall objectives of the organization were fulfilled.

Under her leadership, and thanks to the hard work of the Secretariat, in collaboration with our members and partners, we have reached many milestones. This was the result of our work together, and I would like to take this moment to thank our members, our partners, and friends, who follow our work, and support UNITE all around the world. We are also  happy to share that Eléonor will remain with our secretariat as an external consultant.

We are very grateful Francisco accepted the challenge to lead our organization to new heights, and for his deep commitment towards increasing our network and developing new and efficient ways to guide our members in developing policies at global, regional, and national levels.


It’s time to UNITE!

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