UNITE Annual Report 2022: A year in review

The year of 2022 marked the fifth anniversary of the UNITE Parliamentarians Network for Global Health. This important milestone in UNITE’s history coincides with a period of great uncertainty, fragility, and challenges across the world.

The world is facing unprecedented security threats adding up to a still ongoing sanitary crisis that has put our societies through high pressure and uncertainty, mirroring the fragilities and instabilities of our health systems, but not only. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 will require heroic and imaginative efforts, determination to learn about what works best, and agility to adapt to new information and changing trends, while acknowledging that the pandemic has set back the fight against many diseases by years. In this context, there is a need for new partnerships, innovative ways of thinking, and renewed funding to get back on track and achieve the promise of the SDGs.

The year of 2022 was indeed a year of growth and development for UNITE, pathed with milestones such as the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding with the World Health Organization, UNITE’s first regional meeting in Argentina, a in-person Global Board meeting in Rabat and the 3rd Global Summit edition with more than 30 Members, among others. Furthermore, UNITE has created an HIV Informal group with members of the European Parliament in partnership with the International AIDS Society. Through the participation and engagement of our members, key partners, civil society organizations, and patient advocates, UNITE has developed an ambitious set of campaigns and projects.

On the network growth, UNITE has expanded 41% since January 2021 entering 2022 with 285 members in 90 countries an exponential growth of the network within the last months, due to the multiplication of events and partnerships built at the national and international level.

Check our 2022 annual report for more information.

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