Let’s Talk Health: UNITE Members to discuss pressing Global Health issues in their regions

Building on last year’s success of the “Diálogos de la Pospandemia”, this year UNITE will expand the format of these talks to all chapters of our network. The recently launched ‘Let’s Talk Health’ series will offer a regular space for legislators to share their successeschallenges, and initiatives on concerning health topics in their regions.




Kicking off the series on March 21st, members from the MENA region gathered to explore the state of mental health legislation and advocacy within the region and the significant challenges in addressing such concerns comprehensively.

Additionally, it was also an opportunity to learn from Hon. María José Plaza, who shared the recent advancements in Mental Health legislation in Ecuador.

In the next day, members from the Latin America & the Caribbean regional networks along with their teams resumed the Parliamentary Dialogues, already a tradition in the region. The first discussion of the year focused on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

Hon. Mario Fiad and Hon. Juan Luis Castro shared their firsthand experiences in AMR legislation. Additionally, Dr. Pilar Ramon-Pardo, Chief of the Antimicrobial Resistance Special Program at the PAHO, provided valuable regional insights. Co-moderated by UNITE’s Regional Manager, Ana Kuschnir, and UNITE´s fellow Laura Flores Reyes.

Lastly, on March 29th, the focus was on Digital Health Initiatives in the EECA Region. Mr. Papuna Papiashvili, Head of the Policy and Strategic Development Department of the LEPL Information Technology Agency of the Ministry of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Labour, Health, and Social Affairs of Georgia, launched the session speaking about the country’s achievements in Digital Health.

This first presentation was followed by Hon. Irina Kutsenko, sharing Ukraine’s journey towards leveraging digital solutions for enhanced healthcare outcomes, while Hon. Adrian Belîi shed light on Moldova‘s progress in harnessing technology to address healthcare challenges and improve public health.

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