UNITE’s Secretariat is comprised of a multidisciplinary team, whose aim is to support the Global Board and UNITE Network in pursuing our collective goal of ending infectious diseases as a global health threat.

The Secretariat’s actions are developed through direct interaction with UNITE’s Members and by fostering partnerships at all levels. These include:

  • Supporting the role of UNITE members of parliament
  • Bridging the gap between policy makers and key global health stakeholders to achieve communicable disease elimination
  • Representing policy makers and promoting the need for political leadership on the global health agenda
  • Connecting policy makers with experts in the field
  • Incorporating and translating scientific research and data driven information for political decision making, leading to policy change



Eléonor Silva


Eléonor is UNITE’s Executive Director – previously responsible for UNITE’s Parliamentary engagement and impact. She studied Law, followed by Communications, holding two Master’s degree from both Université Paris Dauphine and CELSA Paris Sorbonne.

After a diplomatic experience in Brazil, she joined the Global TB Caucus where she handled communications and advocacy efforts in the Portuguese speaking countries. While she was there, she coordinated the launch of the lusophone TB Caucus.

She has found a true vocation in global health advocacy, where she can exercise her passion for politics and external relations while creating a positive impact, working for global wellbeing.

On weekends, Eléonor can be found camera in hand, taking pictures or filming in the streets. Her first documentary premiered in a movie festival last fall.

Mafalda Infante

Head of Parliamentary Engagement

Mafalda works on UNITE’s Parliamentary engagement. She studied Political Science and International Relations at NOVA University of Lisbon, followed by a Master’s in International Studies at ISCTE – IUL.

She was born in Sintra, Lisbon, but spent most of her life in Figueira da Foz, near the ocean. After several years of working as a volunteer, Mafalda joined the European Student Think Tank as an Ambassador to Lisbon. She is also a Young European Ambassador within the EU Neighbours East Project.

A strong believer in equality, Mafalda trusts that everyone can have an impact in making the world a better place and hopes she will be able to continue to pursue that dream at UNITE. She is also a music lover and would never say no to ice cream.

Lucas Chambel

Head of Partnerships and Communications

Lucas is the Head of Partnerships and Communications at UNITE. He is a pharmacist by training after completing his master’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Lisbon and before his role at UNITE he was a project manager in an international public health project.

After some years of experience in the advocacy world, with experiences in national organizations and in the National Youth Council, accountable for health and international matters, Lucas found that a challenge in global health was the right choice to combine policy and health.

He manages communications and partnerships at UNITE so he is the right person to contact if you want to explore collaborations with our organizations.

In his free time, he can be found searching for the right deals to explore a country on a tight budget and listening to the most random playlists on Spotify.


Legal Advisor

Lawyer and Legal Counsel. Member of Portuguese Bar and Macau SAR Lawyers Association and the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators. Currently is head of Macau SAR Law firm Lektou branch in Portugal. Worked in Macau SAR for 11 years 5 of them as Senior Legal Counsel of Melco Resorts & Entertainment. Has strong experience assisting Portuguese and overseas NGO’s with their daily operations and is also a founding member of Portuguese NGO “Mundo a Sorrir”.