News published in Jornal de Notícías in 20th March 2022. Link: https://www.jn.pt/nacional/rede-contra-doencas-infecciosas-quer-ue-a-garantir-vacinacao-nas-fronteiras-14698420.html

The president of UNITE, a global network of parliamentarians against the global threat of infectious diseases, argued to the JN that the European Union (EU) should ensure in the border countries with Ukraine “a set of health responses” to those who arrive from that country, “offering vaccination. According to Ricardo Baptista Leite, this “concerted action should begin in the border area”. It would be “a base of support” for host countries, such as Portugal, whose standard for vaccinating refugees gives priority to measles and polio.

For adults, the most urgent would be for the EU to offer in the border area the vaccine against covid-19 and, for children, to make available, for example, the measles, said the doctor.

And he stressed that the vaccination, always voluntary, would be not only for refugees but also for those who move between Ukraine and other countries.

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