UNITE’s Science fellowship program joins together young scientists who are passionate about improving people’s lives. The members are appointed on the basis of their scientific achievement. UNITE Fellows make a significant contribution for recognition of UNITE on the national and international levels. 


PhD student at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa| UNITE Fellow

Artur Queiroz is a Brazilian scientists currently based in Lisbon completing his PhD in Science at the Ribeirão Preto School of Nursing, University of São Paulo, with the double degree of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal. Artur has vast experience in leading nationwide research on the use of dating apps related to HIV transmission & prevention, he also worked on initiatives by the State Health Department in Brazil, such as rapid STI / HIV testing among adolescents and quilombola groups. In his PhD research, Artur is working on imporivng access to Post-Exposure Prophylaxis, using information systems (e-Health). Written and publsihed more than 40 scientific papers for national and international journals. Collaborated with UNAIDS Brasil on designing educational interventions for young people. At UNITE Artur wants to develop concrete actions that can help people, especially in priority countries.


MSc in Medical Microbiology at Universidade Nova de Lisboa|UNITE Fellow

Mafalda is doing MSc in Medical Microbiology at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Passionate about global health and international cooperation with a strong background in infectious diseases and civil society work in low-income countries with vulnerable communities. Currently working as a consultant at WHO in the Learning and Capacity Development Unit of the World Health Emergencies Program. Travel enthusiast with true passion about discovering new places and cultures, inspired by nature and avid reader.



Jordana John Birck is Brazilian and an aspiring medical anthropologist. She majored in Anthropology at the University of Coimbra and I got her master's degree in Medical Anthropology and Global Health at the same institution. Her current research topics are the epidemiological and social effects of malaria, tropical neglected diseases, and waterborne diseases. Besides her love for Anthropology, she loves to read a good book, drink a nice cup of coffee, and travel to unique places in this wondrous world.