Ricardo Baptista Leite, MP, MD, Founder and President of UNITE Global Network of Parliamentarians to End HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis and Other Infectious Diseases was elected Member of the Board of the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank & International Monetary Fund. The PN is a non-governmental organisation that provides a platform for parliamentarians from the WB and IMF Member States and which aims to increase transparency, foster dialogue e greater accountability of the actions, policies and programmes of these two financial institutions.

The election was held in Washington DC, on April 8th, at the World Bank HQ. The Board is composed of 9 Members of Parliament and there were 22 candidates. The Board is elected by other Members of Parliament who take part in the General Assembly. This year, the GA had 163 MPs coming from 66 nationalities.

The event occurred under the High Patronage of the WB and IMF and was attended by Christine Lagarde and Kristalina Georgiva.

‘The network aims to be a partner of the World Bank as well as a platform of accountability not only to those financial institutions but also to National Governments of the Member States that are part of the network and of the institutions. One of the key priorities of our work and my personal commitment will be fostering more recommendations to build greater consensus on the achievement of the global goals, and I will also seek to better held international organisations accountable”.