UNITE New Visual Identity: What Has Changed?

When UNITE unveiled its logo in 2007, it became our agent of change for a better world where infectious diseases do not pose a global threat. Over time, as our network was growing, we realised that we needed to portray our exciting vision for the future in a way that it would be reminding us what it takes to achieve our mission: 

Promote political accountability of all stakeholders to end infectious diseases;

Raise political awareness that it is possible to end infectious diseases;

Increase political advocacy to influence policy changes to end infectious diseases;

Mobilize political will with actions to end infectious diseases;

Ensure political leadership to change laws and adequate budget allocation to end infectious diseases.

New Logo. Old UNITE. 

We loved our new logo, so we didn’t want to start over and rather chose an evolutionary path. We brought together a creative strategist and a talented UX and web designer to get us focused. The UNITE brand redesign project aimed to bring a more modern and fresh look to the organization. We’ve created an easily recognized design system that can be reproduced for all UNITE communication pieces.

For crafting our new logo, we thought through the connections linking our story with our symbols: 

The Color palette: 

The color is one of our main assets. UNITE’s red is the symbol of energy and live that at the same time represents urgency for joint action to eliminate infectious disease as a global threat. We have also incorporated the main colors of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: 

We have put all of it together and created a consistent and flexible visual system:

UNITENETWORK.ORG Website: more user friendly than ever! 

The UNITE website also had to fit new reality. Over the past few years, we took a mission to connect our parliamentarians with the civil societies and with the priority populations. Now, you can find social connects to our MPs directly on our website: 

You probably haven’t heard much about our scientific research heroes – UNITE Fellows? These young talented scholars make a significant contribution for strengthening UNITE recognition on the national and international levels. Know our heroes, send them a greeting message:

UNITE priority infectious disease have gained a more elaborated, consistent looks in line with the colors of SDGs: 

UNITE blog feed is the next breakthrough. Consistent, mobile friendly and shareable – feel to free immerse yourself into the latest news about UNITE: 

And the cherry on top of the cake! It is not a secret anymore that UNITE Global Summit will happen virtually on September 7-8, 2020. We haven’t opened the registrations yet, but you can already save the date on your calendars as the countdown is ON ⏰ 

Look inward, move outward and join UNITE in our mission for eliminating infectious diseases as a global threat

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