G7 Parliament Conference

UNITE included a Global Health Perspective into the discussion of economic resources mobilisation at the G7 Parliamentary Conference, organised by the World Bank and the Parliamentary Network.

June 21: G7 Parliamentary Conference – Paris, France

UNITE’s President and Vice President of the Parliamentary Network, Ricardo Baptista Leite, participated in the discussion ‘Ensuring Universal Health Coverage for all’ at the G7 Parliamentary Conference, in which participants discussed combating inequalities, universal health coverage and inclusive economies. Ricardo ensured the inclusion of a global health perspective into the discussion of economic resources mobilisation.

Ricardo additionally presented UNITE’s Call to Action on the need to increase funding for harm reduction services important for the elimination of HCV, HIV and TB among people who use drugs to the different parliamentarians present in the meeting. This Call to Action was signed by 15 Members of Parliament (MPs) at UNITE’s Joint Action Policy Day; our flagship event with Harm Reduction International held on April 27, 2019.
Contributing to increased political advocacy and influence of policy changes for the elimination of infectious diseases as a global health threat amongst UNITE members, UNITE Member of Parliament from the Ivory Coast, Yeo Fozie, additionally participated in the G7 Parliamentary Conference. Yeo Fozie, successfully  mobilised other Members of Parliament from the Sahel Region to attend this conference, increasing the political advocacy and participation in neighbouring countries like Niger and Chad.

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