Exploring Non-Profit Cannabis SocialClubs in Barcelona: A study tour for advocates and policymakers

Hon. Dinis Ramos, Portugal, participated in a Non-Profit Cannabis Social Club Study Tour in Barcelona, organized by ICEERS (the International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research, and Service). The study tour provided a holistic, comprehensive introduction to Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona, including on-site visits and meetings with key advocates and government officials. The program enabled participants to better understand the history of Cannabis Social Clubs as a health and social intervention and a regulatory framework for cannabis supply and consumption, and debate its implementation in other contexts.
“As a legislator, my interests focused mainly on the different legal frameworks presented as well as approaches that meet the needs of all members of the community. The diverse personal and professional experiences of the participants, their curriculum, and the themes addressed provided for exchanges even beyond the theme of the visit.”
– Hon. Dinis Ramos,

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